Croogo 4.0.0 Released

Posted by Rachman Chavik on Mon, Nov 25 2019

The Croogo Development Team is happy to announce the release of Croogo 4.0.0.

As this is a major point release, it contains some backward compatibility breakage. Many deprecated methods have been removed; Various deprecated cakephp calls have been fixed. It also contain quite a bit of bugfixes; including some security fixes.


  • Cakephp dependency has been bumped to a to version 3.8.6. The admin panel has been updated with a bootstrap 4.3.1 with fontawesome 5.9.0.
  • The FileManager plugin has been updated; It is now possible to perform multiple file uploads and additional asset linkage feature.
  • The core database schema has been improved with addition of real foreign keys and several schema definition change. Upgrading from 3.0.6 is possible but will require manual work.
  • crud-json-api has been included; You can start writing JSON:API compliant API out of the box.

For detailed changelog, please consult the commit history.


You can see the demo here:


Thanks to Flavien Beninca, Heath Nail, Mike Tallroth, Rachman Chavik and Walther Lalk for helping with this release.

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