Croogo 2.0.0-dev.1 Released

Posted by Rachman Chavik on Tue, Feb 04 2014

The Croogo Development Team is happy to announce the release of Croogo 2.0.0-dev1. This is a development preview release and as such not recommended for production. Please do give it a spin and report any bugs in github.  You can also contribute to the documentation for this release in github.

This release was originally developed under the 1.6 branch. However, since the changes are huge, we decide to release it with a major version change to better comply with convention.


Croogo 2.0.0-dev.1 can be downloaded from

2.0.0-dev.1 Changelog

Fix issues:

This release comprises of more than 200 commits from the latest 1.5.6. So there are quite a lot of changes.  Migration from a 1.5 version is possible, but quite involved and not straightforward.

Following is some of the major changes:

  • PHP 5.2.x is no longer supported
  • CakePHP and Croogo are now installed as vendors (with/without composer)
  • API base classes + initial support for writing API
  • Simple Autocomplete widget (using bootstrap's typeahead) for /admin use
  • TrackableBehavior
  • IP whitelist for maintenance
  • New event Croogo.bootstrapComplete
  • Plugin Dependency check before deactivation
  • DataMigration class - simple class to dump or load installation data files
  • PublishableBehavior, new events: Croogo.Status.setup and Croogo.Status.status
  • Lots of UI enhancements: Menu Link Choosers, Select All Items

For detailed changelog, please consult the commit history.

A huge thanks to all contributors of this release.

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