Croogo 1.5.4 Released

Posted by Rachman Chavik on Mon, Sep 16 2013

The Croogo Development Team is happy to announce the release of Croogo 1.5.4.  This is a maintenance release and all users are recommended to upgrade.


Croogo 1.5.4 can be downloaded from

1.5.4 Changelog

Fixes for #423, #418, #411, #422, #412, #413.

Notable changes/fixes:

  • Minimum CakePHP version: 2.4.1 (required for users running php 5.4 or with E_STRICT)
  • Updated Migrations, Search plugins and Locale
  • Authorization for public users has been moved to `AclCachedAuthorize`
  • AutoLoginComponent and CookieAuthenticate has been improved
  • Fix password generation when adding Admin from Install CLI
  • Fix: _viewFallback() does not work with default theme
  • Fix: Wrong case + package for ComponentCollection
  • ´╗┐Fix: Public menu items are not shown
  • Fix: Valid plugins are marked as Invalid
  • Fix: Running SchemaShell throws missing croogo_app_models table
  • Fix: Core plugins should be displayed if there's pending migration
  • Fix: Cookie can be overwritten by other plugin
  • Fix column ambiguous error in OrderedBehavior
  • Fix infinite loop in CakeErrorController due to NotFoundException
  • Fix view form admin Tabs
  • Fix for block's visibility paths when working under subdirectory.

For detailed changelog, please consult the commit history.

A huge thanks to Damien Biasotto, Marcin Jó┼║wikowski, phpMagpie, roland-w, sherwinrobles and Rachman Chavik in contributing to this release.

What's cooking?

A lot of things are being worked on the 1.6 branch.  A few of the highlights:

  • Continuing the pluginization works done in the 1.5 branch, Croogo has been modified so it can be installed as a 'vendor'.
  • Composer support (Requires PHP > 5.3)
  • Support for adding API to existing controllers.  In the future, this will be used to provide RESTful APIs for internal Croogo use.
  • Kickstart your development server with Vagrant
  • Build tasks with Grunt
  • Package management with Bower
  • Schema changes for supporting Trackable behavior
  • Column `users.timezone` has been enlarge to store timezone names

If you're comfortable living on the bleeding edge, you can easily try the 1.6 branch using composer:

composer create-project croogo/app --stability=dev project_name

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